Leo Solar Eclipse Reading 40 minute

Leo Solar Eclipse Reading 40 minute

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 This Solar eclipse is going to bring in the changes we desire mostly for long term and stable success. The changes you make now are changes that are going to last. When I meditated on this eclipse I saw a stamp sealing a letter. What do you want to seal into your life with this eclipse?

For this reading I have decided to deliver channeled messages as well as, use of the card. You will receive a channeled reading covering the eclipse. As a bonus you can also ask 2 questions! Readings will be about 40 minutes in length.

What do you get?

A complete reading answering your question COMPLETELY. Frequently with additional advice on the situation leaving you with a massive advantage. Additionally I pick up on more advice not having to do with your question, and he will fill you in on that advice or message. Other readers will often hint at it and request you order another reading, but not me.



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